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Thank you for taking the time to visit my site. I’ve lived in the beautiful Southern Highlands of NSW for many years. The stunning landscapes, from rolling hills to the spectacular Illawarra Escarpment, the majestic waterfalls, the many small towns and villages; have all inspired me to find a way to express how I see landscapes and how they make me feel.

My experimentation has lead me down many paths, from the impressionist stylings of my Ebb and Flow collection, the striking abstracts of the 42 South collection, and the quieter pleasures of floral studies.

The limited edition prints in the following collections can bring the beauty of the Highlands, and beyond, to your home or business.

Ebb & Flow Collection

Each of the images in this collection was created using older generation iPhones. With an app that provides manual shutter control, I’m able to create long exposure images that gather both light and time as I pan across the subject. The results are planned but there are often happily unexpected results in the final images.

My goal is to use this technique to bring to the viewer the beauty and emotion inherent in the landscape by obscuring the detail, even for an instant, while ensuring that the image is still recognisably grounded in reality.

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Highland Dreaming by Chris Sutton Photography
Creeping Sun by Chris Sutton Photography

42 South Collection

Reflections on water are unique and endlessly fascinating, not least because they’re a product of time, light, wind and the photographer’s point of view.

This collection was captured in Hobart harbour, where the pontoons and walkways of the marina provide a wonderful variety of shooting angles, from almost parallel to the water surface to looking down from a height. The resulting abstract images vary from simple reflections of clouds and sky, to richly coloured fragments of the Hobart waterfront.

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Urban Abstracts Collection

For photographers there is sometimes an underlying sense that we have to travel to exotic locations to produce the best photos, and social media has amplified that compulsion. However, if we look beyond the obvious and truly see the world around us, there is great beauty to found all around.

My process with potential subjects is to first find the visual elements that appeal to me. Then I vary the composition to remove elements and isolate a fragment of the subject. By removing functional context I’m left with the core elements of form, colour and texture, and can use those to evoke an emotional response.

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Shards of Reflection by Chris Sutton Photography
Whirling Daisies by Chris Sutton Photography

Floral Collection

Flowers have been a constant subject in art for hundreds of years. With a vast array of colours and geometric shapes, flowers have become significant emblems of personal, cultural and religious significance.

Flowers have long been one of my favourite subjects and my floral collection ranges from domestic arrangements, to wildflowers. I find particular joy in exploring the details of the intricate patterns found in most blooms.

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Archive Collections

While abstracts tend to be my primary photography interest, I still shoot a wide variety of other genres such as architectural, street photography, urban landscapes etc. That work challenges me to think differently and to always be looking for any opportunity to create new images.

In these sample collections you’ll find a small selection of my work in Street Photography, Landscape, Urban and Architectural.

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Imitation by Chris Sutton Photography
Etched by the Sweeping Wind by Chris Sutton Photography

Where Rivers Meet the Sea Collection

A work in progress

Following my “Ebb & Flow” exhibition I’ve embarked on a new body of work that uses similar intentional camera movement techniques to portray many of the beautiful estuaries of New South Wales.

For thousands of years many of these estuaries provided abundant food and resources and were important meeting places for the First People of Australia.

Today, estuaries are one of the most intensively used areas of New South Wales.

They have significant environmental, cultural, social and commercial values as well as providing critical habitat and vital ecosystem services for plants, animals and ecosystems.
(From the Environment and Heritage website of the NSW Government)

My goal with this new collection of work is to portray the unique beauty of NSW’s estuaries and convey their powerful sense of place.


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