Ebb & Flow

Expression, not perfection


I’ve long searched for a way to convincingly present the emotion and power of our environment.

Emotion, as in any art, is an integral part of photography. In whatever way we experience the world around us, by seeing the sights, hearing the sounds or smelling the smells, these senses all evoke emotional responses and in doing so, create memories. We learn that every one of us sees the world differently, hears sounds differently and experiences smells differently. So how do we, as photographers, convey in our work those intimate perceptions to others?

Over several years of research, experimentation, and participation in international mentorships, I have developed a personal process in which I incorporate intentional camera movement. That product combines impressionist and semi abstract styling. Further, the product illustrates the connection and emotional reaction each location generated for me as the photographer.

My goal is to use this technique to bring to the viewer the beauty and emotion inherent in the landscape by obscuring the detail, even for an instant, while ensuring that the image is still recognisably grounded in reality.

Each of the images in this collection was created using older generation iPhones. With an app that provides manual shutter control, I’m able to create long exposure images that gather both light and time as I pan across the subject. The results are never revealed until I scrutinise the images on a computer.

Whatever the subject, I have a clear vision of what I’m trying to portray, and in the words of the brilliant cellist Yo Yo Ma, I seek expression, not perfection.