Conversations with Light


Emotion is an integral part of photography. However we experience the world around us; see the sights, hear the sounds, smell the smells, these senses all evoke emotions. It’s also true that every one of us sees the world differently, hears the sounds differently and smells the smells differently. So how do we as photographers convey all those perceptions to others?

For some, the choice of medium best conveys those emotions, for others a particular visual style is the preferred option. For me, I’ve long been attached to black and white images to convey what I feel when I’m shooting, but in recent years it became clear to me that a realist style of photography simply didn’t convey for me the emotion and power of actually being in this environment.

Over several years of research and experimentation I developed a personal process incorporating intentional camera movement. The resulting images combined impressionist and semi abstract styling, and illustrated the connection and emotion each location generated for me.

My goal is to use this technique to bring to the viewer the beauty and emotion inherent in the landscape by obscuring, for an instant, the detail but ensuring that the image is still recognisably grounded in reality.

This “Conversations with Light” series is the beginning of what will become a rather extensive collection. (the process is addictive 🙂 )