Product Photography
Every product has a story to tell…


… and when you sell any product online, you’re relying on the photographs, and the descriptions you write, to tell that story.

That’s why you need good quality product photographs that show your products clearly, tell the story and help you close the sale.

Whether you’re looking for simple “product on white” images, creative layouts, or products being shown in context, you need to get your customers excited about the benefits your products can provide.

So for professional, affordable product photography that sells, Let’s talk

What’s the Process?

The most important thing is for me to understand  your business: who you sell to, what’s the product range, what’s the graphic style of your site?

We can cover all that quite quickly on a 15 minute phone or video call, and I’ll use that information to plan and setup your product shoot.

The next step is to do some sample photographs that you will check. If you’d like some changes to the style, I’ll shoot some further samples for you, and if you approve then the rest of your products will be photographed.

How much does it cost?

The prices vary depending on the complexity of the setup, and how many similar products you might have. I charge a setup fee of $100 + GST, and if all the products are similar and you have more than a 100 items, then the price can be as low as $5.50 per product. For more complex product setups the price can range up to $27.50 per product. However, I’ll always give you a fixed price quote upfront once we’ve discussed your requirements.