Sony RX100 V5 - from Sony website


Possibly one of the most difficult conditions treat, upgradeitis afflicts vast numbers of people, but is especially rampant in the HiFi and Photographic communities.

It’s always been around,  although in the past longer product release cycles meant that the sufferer had some respite before the next flare up. However, once Apple made the annual upgrade a necessity for manufacturers, upgradeitis spread like wildfire!

I’m writing this having just read some reviews of the new RX100 V5, it certainly seems to be a great camera, with some major advances in technology. However, I have a tried and true treatment for any potential outbreak of Upgradeitis:

1) does the new camera have features I need to use more than once or twice?


2) have I exhausted the possibilities of my current camera?

If the answer is no on both counts then move along, nothing to see here!

My RX100 v2 isn’t the only camera I use, but it’s the one that I always carry with me no matter where I go, and that I use 90% of the time. While there are times when it won’t do what I want with an image, but far more often there are times when I find new possibilities with the camera.

So that’s this outbreak of upgradeitis successfully treated, but you just never know when the next shiny thing might trigger another flare up…

Image for this blog from www.sony.com.au


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