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Nearly 20 years ago I founded one of Australia’s leading website design and development companies. While I’ve certainly seen a lot of trends come and go during that time,  some things haven’t changed much at all.

Top of that list would be the amount of work that the business owner or the marketing team has to do to help create a successful website. That starts with you being able to define concisely what you do; who is your target market, how you differ from your competition, how to convey the style of your business in the text you write and the photographs you create for your site, and much much more. Once you have a framework, then the real work begins!

To be frank, most small businesses aren’t prepared for the requirements of a web project. While there are a great many good professional website development companies in the market, what you so often read when you research for a web partner, or hear when you talk to them, is how many awards they’ve won, what their culture is, their values, the list goes on and on, about them….

But if a website design project is to be successful, it needs to be about your customers! Who are they, what are they looking for, will they need answers quickly or will they need in-depth information before they take the next step etc., and every step you take will generate more questions and decisions to be made.

If you’ve never worked on a website project before, this will come as a shock. But you can prepare for the project, and the better prepared you are the better the final outcome will be.

After nearly 20 years experience in the web development industry, I have a wealth of experience that I can share and help you be prepared for your next web project.

We can connect via phone or video call and I work with clients in Sydney and regional NSW from my base in the Southern Highlands.

If you’d like to discuss how I can help you prepare for your project, you’re welcome to call me on 0412 931 744 for a free 20 minute discussion about your project.

 Testimonial from iSeekBlinds




Testimonial from iseekblinds
Testimonial from iseekblinds

Chris was one of many people that I spoke with when finding a new web designer for our business.

His calm and approachable manner immediately put me at ease whilst enabling me to articulate what it was our business was after in terms of a new and improved website.  His logical and straightforward way allowed us to move forward quickly and scope out a brief in the early stages of the development.

With a vast amount of experience under his belt, it put us at ease knowing that we could trust his advice and ideas.  As we progressed through the process, Chris was there at every stage when additional advice was required or to clarify any points I was not clear on.  It has been a pleasure working with Chris and we have forged a relationship that I believe will continue long into the future.

Sally-Ann Hughes
Marketing Manager